A big journey ahead

written by: Frederico Leitão Briah Thomas was only introduced to filmmaking in her freshman year of college. Up until then, her film interests were different. Her parents always took her to see movies every Friday and she absolutely loved. It was an important moment of the week, as she always dressed up like she was … Continue reading

Connecting in and off screen

As far as Emily Troedson can remember, filmmaking has always been a passion. Her parents certainly had an important role in her upbringing. She probably got the love for movies from them, she says. However, her first movie related occupation was acting. She didn’t go to school for filmmaking. In fact, she first took some … Continue reading

Tone by tone: A musical filmmaker

written by Frederico Leitão Zack Williams’ first true passion was music. He loved being a musician. His interest in filmmaking only truly sprouted when he got to college. He delved a little bit in acting and in video editing. During his college days, he used to be really involved in the campus television station. With … Continue reading

Make Your Bad Films First

TL Westgate has been making films since he was in High School.  They may have been bad, in his opinion, we haven’t watched them.  But each one lead to getting better.  In 2010 he got serious.  His films have been in festivals across the nation.  They make people laugh and are full of surprises. While … Continue reading

Meet Zack Williams Musician/Filmmaker

Zack found his passion for film early on in high school when he started making his classmates laugh with funny and amusing videos. It was not until he got into college that he got seriously involved in the film making industry. Most of what he knows is a combination of college courses and self-taught practices. … Continue reading